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When the device is displayed in a more controlled environment, people are more curious. Males said he was asked why he would create a racial classification device and what he would do if a government asked him to develop the system further. The second question is irrelevant: The technology already exists, and it's much more refined, Males said.

You can buy facial-recognition technology that looks at features and tries to match people. But using automated tools such as CCTV to target people by race raises questions about ethnic profiling, which some experts argue puts a person's race as a forefront consideration in wrongdoing, even before suspicious actions have been observed.

After the July terrorist bombings in London, many Asians complained of increased police scrutiny and aggression in their communities, merely since some attackers were Asian.

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The issue caused heightened tensions between Asians and police, which could have potentially hurt the police's chance to collect valuable intelligence from sources within those communities. There needs to be a bit more openness. Privacy Encryption Antivirus. Here are some ways to improve your Amazon profile and look more inviting to the sellers. Sellers want to know about you so they can send you appropriate products. Tell us a bit about yourself, your interests and hobbies. If you are an exercise junkie, let us know and sellers of yoga mats, drink bottles and dumbbells will be happy to send you things to review.


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Regent Suvarnabhumi (Airport - Suvarnabhumi nearby)

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